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DAY1= No So Bad, ehh?

'' not so bad, ehh? '' for my first day of 'camping', HAHA. but i still can't adapt really well with the environment YET! i still feel embarrassed to such a thing , DUH, it's like a kid's game? all the twisting and turning, screaming and shouting, clapping like in a zoo?

Hmm, there, we call Coach to the facilitators, they told us that we (the BIG GUYS) will be doing it happily soon, all the actions that they taught! i was like, '' urmmm.. do i have to? and urmmm.. will i do?'' grrr, nooo..! malu , ok, malu!

Lpas tu, ade 2 nme Nurin kt situ, bdk satu lg tu rse2 drjh 5-6 kot.. haiyaaa! guess what? there, they call me Nurin * B * just because i'm older than that kid. that B is for besar!  trus terang, trase la jgk , hakhak.. tau la kite ni * B * ESAR kn? btw, it's my fault too, sbb x introduce my nma as Farina, huhhh..  * felt stupid *  msa tgh introduce myself tu, sy pn tersengih la kt bdk nurin tu, haha, pls tu, Coach tu ingt siblings sbb sy sengih kt bdk tu tdi XD

That's all for today's diary kot, continue Day2 esok, kbai =D