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You're Sending Me To a Camp ?!

hey peeps, today's entry's is going to be full of SHITS okayy =D sorry for my bad mouth today because you know, it's early in the morning soo haven't brush my teeth, HAHA,   # just kidding but i'm serious about the SHITS ! guess what? my parents are going to send me to a camp! to build my confidence and to improve my English! grrr, this sooo soo shit! i hate to talk in front of the people.. i read the brochure, then there are some comments from the previous participant, they said that they are more confident to present their speech, OMG, i'm totally not gonna join public speaking in school, i'm afraid and i don't want to change it! grr, shit! i know that they send me just to build my confidence but i'm ready, and i know i will be facing many interviews but noo!

Yesterday's evening my father promised that we(me and my friend, Heidi) can go to the cinema to watch Fast and Furious6, i was eager to watch that movie since i was at school! we're supposed to go on this coming Wednesday but it's canceled because of that stupid camp, that camp will start on this Monday to Friday!

I was very excited to see that movie with Heidi, but then my dreams had CRUSHED into cheddar cheese, HAHA.. actually, i wanted to go on Wednesday because i had the second aim, i just wanted to see him :'( but i know he has a new replacement butttt  # speechless # even though, we don't talk to each other but at least i got to see him LIVE! ahh, shit! actually, i stalked him and i saw his facebook status's saying that he's going to watch movie on Wednesday with his friends... when i knew that my parents want to send me, i was like , oh shit! oh shit! i can't stop saying shit!

Okay, i know that this entry is long but can't stop writing about my feelings.. :'( yesterday, i cried! A LOT! just because of the stupid camp, i'm going! i called my 3 bffs, i shouted to them that i don't want to go to that camp! but i am not really that relieved because i can't them about him and the movie because only Heidi, Ani knew about him, i just told the rest of my friends about the camp.. grrr, shit! i left 7 missed calls to my bff, Fazlini a.k.a ANI, she offed her phone because she thought that i wouldn't call her because that night we were on the phone about 2 hours, so i told that maybe i would't call her because my phone's bill will be increasing maximally! HAHA.

And FINALLY, she answered her phone , i was really relieved! haaaah.. the first thing was, i blabbered to her for not answering my phone calls, pity Ani, HAHA.. then i started crying and crying and crying.. :'( she laughed and asked me why and i told her from A-Z, haaahh, relieved! this so shit! i slept with tears last night :'(

Then, this morning, Heidi told me that her parents asked to go to the cinema with them, and i said yes! even though, my family had  a plan to for picnicking at Kedah, and i was like, so what man! shit! i want to meet Heidi, and i want to watch that movie, so damn badly! :p actually, Heidi was my BFF when we were in primary school until now. haven't seen her for ages!

Well, maybe Allah had great plans for me, maybe Allah wanted me to learn that skills to continue my studies in business. insyAllah =D and, maybe Allah wanted me to forget about him.. well, be happy with her, okay =D

So, this is the end for me, thanks for hearing my blabbering , HAHA.. sorry for that SHITS.. =D I felt a bit relieved that i can share it with you guys.. and many thanks to Ani =D Look mom, i've written this entry in full ENGLISH! I've improved! so, i don't have to go to that camp, right? ngeee =D