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Top 10 Stupid Facebook Statuses

Holaa! Hari ni nk share psl 10 status facebook yg bengong, stupid, gila and so on lah.. HAHA.. sorry for my bad mouth, but I think he's opinion and his videos are very inspiring and very true! you guys should see it! tak buang masa pun kalau tgk.. =D nk tahu sape? jeng, jeng, jeng.. he's name is Andy Sun.

Bila tgk tu, memang saya sokong 150% lah, his opinions are so true. I love you, man! HAHA ok2, I'll stop my blabbering and show you guys the videos. Saya rasa part2 punya lagi best.

Well, enjoy! =D

This is the Part1

This is the Part2

Haaa, amacam? betul kn dy cakap? ade banyak lg video dy yg best2, ni list antara yg dpt smbutan hot!
Andy Sun boleh kire mcm MatLuthfi la, tpi dy dlm versi BI..

  1. Top 10 Lies That Boys Tell Their Girlfriends
  2. Top 10 Lies That Girls Tell Their Boyfriends
  3. Top 10 Ways To Get Thumbs Up
  4. Top 10 Dumb Things That People Say -Part1
  5. Top 10 Things Guys Like About Girls
enjoy! =D