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Happy Blated Birthday, Aween!

First of all, Happy Blated Bday to my BFF, Qistina Syazwin! :* love you! haha, btw sy thu bday awk dh lps a few days ago but I just wanted to show fun memories celebrating your birthday.. =D each time one of us punye birthday mesti smbut, can't wait for my birthday celebration soon! HAHA, just kidding :p

Qistina Syazwin
Birthday Girl
* sorry, curi gamba awk *

This post is special dedicated for you, Aween! =D hope you enjoy it!
* sy thu awk tgh baca entry ni, haha *

Aween, thanks for being my friend and being nice to me, I appreciate it, REALLY.. You have been so kind to me.. I don't how to repay your kindness. :) good luck for your relationship btw, haha.. EQIADEST! and, good luck for your PBS.. ngeee.. I present to you my cake for you!

makan lah! sedap tau, haha..

A few pictures of us.. Memori belakang bengkel KH =D

sekian.. :)